Feast your way through Ocean Beach’s Farmers Market with flavors from around the world!

A vendor prepares to serve butter chicken with a samosa.
( Susan DeMaggio )


You can go around the world by flavor at the OB Farmers Market. And many people do! On my last visit, I sampled Euromorrocan, Turkish, Mexican, African, Italian, Indian and East Asian delights — topped off by a good ol’ American grilled cheese sandwich, courtesy of Kate & Zach Heinz, who plan to open Mad Munch Grilled Cheezer Co., soon on Newport Avenue in OB.

It’s hard to resist the mouth-watering aromas as you browse the various booths, serenaded by street musicians and corner rock bands.

Fall is the most colorful time of year at the Farmers Market, for in addition to the greens, golds, reds and purples of the harvest produce, you’ll find bright orange pumpkins, chic chartreuse floral arrangements and perfectly pink dragon fruit in contrasting dark brown baskets. It all, quite literally, is a feast for the senses!

Inside this issue, you’ll hopefully find more opportunities to embrace the good life in the Peninsula. I welcome your comments and story suggestions at (858) 875-5950 or (And in case you’ve never been, the OB Farmers Market runs 4-8 p.m. Wednesdays along Newport Avenue, between Cable and Bacon streets.)


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Elda and Antonio Delgado pose with the colorful homemade paella they sell each Wednesday at the OB Farmers Market.
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Kate and Zach Heinz take the grilled cheese sandwich to new heights!
( Susan DeMaggio )


Gluten-free bakery goods are sold with a smile.
( Susan DeMaggio)