EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK:I love the above photo of Ocean Beach , taken on the Fourth of July, just before the 17-minutes-long fireworks spectacular burst into the air, launched from boats anchored off the pier.
Editor’s Notebook: This was supposed to be a fun issue — walking the scenic La Playa Trail, meeting with talented OB artist Ray Blavatt, partying with the Optimists at their luau fundraiser at the Bali Hai ...
Blondes on BeersIf there’s one thing Ketch head brewer Sam Billheimer would like to hit home, it’s that a flavorful, enjoyable beer doesn’t have to be over the head with alcohol.
THE SCENE: The Point Loma Optimist Club extends an island-sized mahalo!
IN GOOD TASTE:Cesarina Restaurant, an Italian trattoria just two-months-old on Voltaire Street, is pulling out all the stops when it comes to authentic Italian food, like your nonna might have made for you growing up, if you grew up in Italy.