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My company, Intrepid Network, designed the new logo for Point Loma High School. As a fellow Pointer (alumni) I was very excited to be involved with the design and development of the logo.

I attended PLHS all four years and graduated in 1995. I almost became an architect instead of a multimedia designer/developer. I took two years of traditional drafting and C.A.D. before switching to graphic design.

I tested out of computers. I believe I was the first student to ask to take the final the first day of class! I passed and took a second period of graphic design. I also took ROP graphic design after school (in all, that’s three hours each day). And, I took typing for six months, even though I got teased a bit. I also took art my freshman year, where I once got an F on a drawing for not following directions. The Teacher’s Assistant was able to get me an A-minus for skill and effort, after talking to my teacher.

So, it was a huge pleasure some 25 years later, to be back at PLHS in the art room meeting with current art teacher Mr. Wells. The new logo is based on a rough sketch he created. I moved forward through several revisions based on feedback from principal Hans Becker and financial officer Brian Carter. The final revision was accepted last month.

Intrepid Network will continue working with PLHS to ensure consistent use of their new brand identity and colors throughout their various athletic and student programs. The new logo will be featured on school gym, scoreboard, clothing, and on digital and print communications and collateral.

Josh Utley

Here are some community feature ideas for this magazine

The Point Loma-OB Monthly publication is lovely and appreciated. I have a few story ideas for the staff. How about an article on the cruise ships that come and go? If you’re having happy hour at C-Level or the Bali Hai, or walking on Shelter Island, these ships are an absolutely spectacular sight to see.

I’d like to know the ships scheduled to come and when they go. I believe the Port has all that info on their website. You could take a GREAT photo from Lucinda Street and Golden Gate on the hill above Shelter Island. Another good photo point is Trumbell and Bangor — or right off Shelter Island near the Bali Hai. Viewing these ships is another great privilege of living in Point Loma — as well as seeing the gorgeous City, bay and activities on the water.

Idea 2: Show photos of all the Navy ships stationed in San Diego and their type. I’ve learned to view them, not only as our tax dollars at work, but as art objects on the bay. I feel bad that I don’t know their function other than I can identify an aircraft carrier period.

Idea 3: Identify all the hills in the background of the famous view of San Diego Bay, the City and beyond, taken from Lucinda and Golden Gate Drive. With the same photo, identify the buildings. I can identify the two Hyatts, Marriott and a few others, but it would be fun to know what you’re seeing when walking on Shelter Island.

Idea 4: A Realtor gave me a copy of the earthquake faults in Point Loma several years ago and I think an article about them would be great. I noticed there is a fault just a block or so away from me on Martinez Street. Hmmm.

Thanks again so much for the truly wonderful Point Loma-OB Monthly publication. I read it and refer my adult kids to it. There is a wealth of info and titillating tidbits in it. Keep up the good work.

Sally Rathbone

Editor’s Note: These are awesome story ideas, Sally, and much appreciated! We’re on them! Look for the results in upcoming issues.

Glad to see OB is addressing gnarly traffic patterns

Two thumbs up, three if I had them, to diverting traffic on Bacon Street between Santa Monica and Niagara avenues in Ocean Beach to create a more pedestrian-safe hub. I am also giving a resounding, “Yes,” to traffic calming and safer pedestrian passage at West Point Loma Blvd./Cable Street and West Point Loma Blvd./Abbott Street.

I have lived in OB for 22 years as a pedestrian and commuter cyclist. All methods to create more safety for pedestrians and cyclists create a safer community for everyone!

Thank you, OB Planning Board and Transportation Committee for your diligent, creative and conscientious work to continue to honor taking care of the unique, diverse community of Ocean Beach!

Rhoda Bryan

Cleaning the streets of dirt ... and parking problems

After reading about the clean streets movement in local newspapers, I have a further suggestion. In some residential areas of Los Angeles the streets are cleaned monthly. The streets are posted as “No Parking” zones on those days of cleaning. As a result, the streets are cleaner and there are no parked cars left for a long periods of time because any parked cars are ticketed.

Some of the main streets are already signed as such in Ocean Beach. How much better this would be if signed especially in the high-density parked residential areas. This is a win-win situation resulting.

Don Griffith

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