The Scene: Bingo! Point Loma’s Thursday night thrill!

Rodney Guidi (center), chair of the Bingo committee and a volunteer floor worker, poses with regulars Marie Cefalu and Betty Sanfilippo.
Savanah Duffy

The Scene:

Every Thursday night at the Portuguese Hall in Point Loma for the past seven years, a lively crowd gathers to try their luck at Bingo. Doors open at 4 p.m., and the games begin at 6:30 p.m. Players must be age 18 or older. The cost is $21.

Ten regular games pay out $250, with the Progressive Jackpot at $1,199. If you arrive hungry, the Portuguese Café offers dinner specials. The beloved bartender, JD, mans the full-service bar throughout the night.

The games draw regulars and newbies alike, so whether you’ve been playing for years or thought “Bingo” was just a name for a dog in a children’s song, all are welcome. Volunteer floor workers are happy to help if you’ve got questions. The Portuguese Hall is at 818 Avenida De Portugal. (619) 223-5880.

Roman Bech and his mother Phyllis at the game table.


Patricia Leon, Peggy Terrill and Kim Holcomb
Savanah Duffy


Siggi Grayson and Evette Burleson, sell lucky charms to other players.
Savanah Duffy


A table of regulars focused on their cards, waiting to mark the last few numbers needed to win.
Savanah Duffy


Eva Abbott, Melissa Cormier and Rachelle Cormier giggle and get camera-shy during their weekly Bingo game.
Savanah Duffy


A player marks her card.
Savanah Duffy


‘Good ol’ J.D.’ has been tending bar for the past 42 years, working at the Bingo games for about four years.
Savanah Duffy


Joanne Engelhart is a weekly Bingo queen, and on this particular evening, wins $200.
Savanah Duffy


Tony Cefalu proudly holds up his Bingo card.
Savanah Duffy


An overview of the Bingo crowd Thursday, Feb. 28 at the Portuguese Hall
Savanah Duffy


A table of regulars keep their heads down so they don’t miss a single number called out.
Savanah Duffy


These lucky troll dolls belong to Robert San Nicolas. ‘They’re married!’ he explained.
Savanah Duffy


Don Bagley seems to be enjoying himself!
Savanah Duffy


Stephanie Heyn holds up her lucky elephant friend, Feathers. ‘Don’t forget Feathers!’ she told Point Loma-OB Monthly .
Savanah Duffy


Kiola Da Luz calls out numbers for the players.
Savanah Duffy