Our Readers Write: La Playa Trail, Maureen Cardosa

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Praise for stories on La Playa Trail and Maureen Cardosa

I have been enjoying reading your excellent community newspaper from the beginning issues and want to express my appreciation for the great history articles by Eric DuVall and Kitty McDaniel. Eric is a skilled and knowledgeable writer.

The article about the La Playa Trail (“Bouncing along the old La Playa Trail,” July 22, Point Loma-OB Monthly) is particularly interesting, especially with the input from Charlie Best, whom I became acquainted with when he had his bookstore downtown and I worked at the old Main Library.

I would add how pleased I was to read the article about Maureen Cardosa (“Point Loma educator preps for next marathon as she honors mother struggling with dementia,” July 22, Point Loma-OB Monthly).

I had the pleasure of getting to know her when she and Jake were my neighbors for several years prior to her remarriage. She was doing a wonderful job as a single mother raising Jake, a young man who clearly embodies the kind and positive principles that I came to know in both of them.

It’s a pleasure to have been provided an update on them, although the context, her mother’s dementia, is saddening. My father also experienced progressive dementia over a period of 20 to 25 years, a very difficult situation for my own family.

Maureen’s choice to direct her energy toward supporting research for cures for dementia (of which Alzheimer’s is but one manifestation) is entirely consistent with the woman I knew as my neighbor.

Judith Swink

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