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Letters to the editor:

Holes on the beach are digging up trouble

We recently moved back to our childhood home in Point Loma.

Blessed to live near Kellogg Beach, we take our turn with others cleaning up the beach.

We do this strictly on a volunteer basis because we love the community and the beach.

In our 18 months here, we are troubled by one activity. Adults, not children, dig deep holes at Kellogg Beach. And they leave them.

These holes are 3, 4, sometimes 5 feet deep. And very wide.

They could not be achieved by a children’s toy, or even an industrious set of children. We see adults bring full-size garden shovels to the beach.

It is likely parents who are well-meaning: They may want their children to have a fun experience at the beach. But the consequences are far from harmless.

The remaining holes are not just aesthetically displeasing or harmful to the natural patterns of the beach. Rather, they are dangerous impediments to swimmers, seniors, the disabled and dog walkers.

With daylight getting shorter, the holes serve as an injury risk for those walking peacefully at night or walking dogs after sunset or before sunrise.

We used to fill in these holes.

But since summer 2020, one of us has had spine surgery. The work is simply too much.

But the risk remains for late-night or early-morning walkers.

We ourselves are dog owners and have seen other dogs at risk.

And many seniors, joggers, kayakers and boaters use the beach before full daylight in the morning.

The holes are not traceable to anyone. Thus, injury can occur without holding the liable parties accountable.

We believe the principle applied to forests should be the same for our beaches. Take nothing but photographs, and leave the beach at least in the same condition as one found it, if not better.

We all hold this precious commodity in common. Let’s keep it precious as a place for safe, not careless, recreation.

Jim McKay

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Disgusted by Jim Musgrove’s posts

I was shocked and disgusted by Jim Musgrove’s questionable humor (“OB Town Council candidate defends racially ‘inflammatory’ posts, saying they were meant to be humorous,” Sept. 16, Point Loma-OB Monthly).

How could anyone with a moral compass post such garbage?

Thanks for publishing the story. I’m happy he is out of the OB Town Council.

Sue Bourdon

— — —

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