Ocean Beach Planners tackle Land Development Code updates

The Ocean Beach Planning Board’s Nov. 6 meeting at the Rec Center covered a multitude of technical topics and lasted nearly three hours.
(Savanah Duffy)

The Ocean Beach Planning Board (OBPB) met for a three-hour meeting at the OB Rec Center Wednesday, Nov. 6 that covered a multitude of technical topics — including the 12th Update to the Land Development Code, a taskforce’s recommended regulations for Community Planning Groups citywide — and a public hearing appeal regarding a City project to re-do the wheelchair-access ramp at Dog Beach so it becomes ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Amendment 12: Cannabis Advertising

The OBPB took a long hard look at amendments 12 and 24 of the 12th Update to the Land Development Code, Phase Two. Amendment 12 of the draft proposed changes to marijuana outlets and production facilities, including a request to change the language from “marijuana” to “cannabis” throughout the Municipal Code, to better encompass the industry.

Additional proposed changes included a required distance of at least 1,000 feet from cannabis advertisements to residential care facilities, schools, childcare centers, libraries, and other sensitive locations. After discussion, vice chair Kevin Hastings made a motion to “request that the Municipal Code which states the minimum view-able distance for cannabis advertising on billboards from parks, playgrounds and schools be changed from 1,000 feet distance to 500 feet diameter.” The motion passed unanimously.

Amendment 24: Tandem Parking

Amendment 24 of the draft was intended to repeal the Residential Tandem Overlay Zone. Currently, there are only certain parts of the City where tandem parking (two parking spots configured as a single, double-length perpendicular parking spot) can count toward overall parking requirements. The City’s proposed change would remove that stipulation so tandem parking would count toward overall parking for any project, as long as the parking can be accessed off an alley.

Currently, a residence with tandem parking would require a two-car garage or additional parking. The 24th amendment would make it so tandem parking would count as two spaces, and only building a one-car garage would be required.

A motion was made to suggest the amendment include the language: “except for properties where there is an existing curb cut,” as OBPB observed Ocean Beach has tandem parking along the western side of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard that has access in front of apartment buildings, rather than the back. The motion passed 9-4.

Note: OBPB’s motions must be reviewed by the City Planning Commission before going to City Council for approval.

Taskforce on CPG Reform Draft Findings and Recommendations

A taskforce was established by the City Council’s Land Use & Housing Committee in April to review existing recommendations for revisions to Community Planning Groups, compiled from the City Audit, the Grand Jury report, and the Democracy in Planning report produced by Circulate San Diego. The taskforce also considered additional recommendations proposed by its members.

Though many of the recommendations have already been approved, OBPB voted to have certain ones altered or struck entirely. Numbers 20, 21, 22, 27 and 30 received motions by board members.

• 20 — “Gather relevant demographic data of CPG board members in an audit immediately and require new CGP board members to complete a demographic survey at every election or time of appointment. The survey should include: Age, Business Owner or Property Owner, Ethnicity, Gender, Length of Residence, Neighborhood, Professional Background, Race, Religion, Renter or Owner, Years of Service on CPGs.”

Debate followed regarding whether that level of transparency would be helpful or considered overstepping; in the end, a motion to remove this recommendation was passed.

• 21 — “Require a termed-out board member to wait two years until they could run for their CPG seat again without exceptions.” A motion to remove this recommendation was passed.

• 22 — “The Planning Department should develop methods and provide resources to improve recruiting that could result in more diverse CPG membership.”

A motion passed to change the language to read: “The Planning Department should provide resources to improve recruiting that could result in more diverse CPG membership and increase participation,” primarily to prevent CPGs from having the City force methods upon them.

• 27—“CPG members must file statements of economic interest, per the Political Reform Act.” A motion was passed to remove this recommendation.

• 30—“Revise the bylaws shell in 600-24.” A motion passed to remove this revision as the board found it to be unclear.

All of these amendments must be reviewed by the Land Use & Housing Committee before being brought to City Council for a vote.

The remaining recommendations will be reviewed Tuesday, Nov. 26 in the Silver Room, City Concourse, 202 C St. Time TBD.

To read the 12th Update to the Land Development Code (as well as the Taskforce on Community Planning Group Reform Draft Findings & Recommendations), visit and see “Docs Items 1 & 2” under the agenda for Nov. 6.

Dog Beach Ramp

During past meetings, planning group members and residents expressed strong reservations about the City’s $1.1 million project to rebuild the ADA ramp at Dog Beach in the same isolated location (some locals refer to it as “the ramp to nowhere”) and the fact that the ramp’s hefty pricetag would take funds from other Capital Improvement Plan projects.

The board is pushing for a more cost-effective solution that will provide physically handicapped beach-goers with better access to the ocean and Dog Beach, rather than a new ramp that will provide them with the same view of “just a lot of sand.”

A public hearing to air these concerns to City Council will take place 2 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 19 in the Council Chambers on the 12th floor of City Administration Building, 202 C St.

However, Teddy Martinez, rep for District 2 City Council member Jennifer Campbell told the board: “There were missed opportunities to communicate ... you have their attention,” and expressed the hope to meet with the board and the City Planning Department to find a way to address concerns so OBPB would consider withdrawing their appeal. He added that his goal is to avoid having Campbell vote against a planning board in her district.

As Point Loma-OB Monthly went to press, OBPB chair Andrea Schlageter said the appeal is still moving forward.

—OBPB next meets 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 4 at the Rec Center, 4726 Santa Monica Ave.


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