Wine tasting gala raises funds for Shepherd Center

Peninsula Shepherd Center board members Janice Teixeira (left) and Jerry Sanders (right) take a seat with Carol Sanders (middle) to enjoy their drinks.
(Savanah Duffy)

Presented by Jensen’s Foods, a wine-tasting event hosted by the Point Loma Assembly, Dec. 12, raised funds for Peninsula Shepherd Center, which serves as a home base for senior citizen activities and services from All Souls’ Episcopal Church, 1475 Catalina Blvd.

According to Adam Zack, co-owner of Jensen’s markets, some 145 wine-lovers were in attendance to sip tastings from 40 different wineries, amounting to 70 different wines for purchase at a discounted price. Thirteen reps were on hand to pour the wines, offer suggestions and share their expertise. Chef-prepared appetizers were also provided by Jensen’s.

Overall, approximately $3,500 was raised for the Shepherd Center. Jensen’s Foods wine tastings take place four to five times each year to fund raise for local organizations. The tentative date for the next is 5-7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28 at Jensen’s offices, located across from the store at 3725 Talbot St. — Savanah Duffy