10 Questions with OB singer-songwriter and community advocate Doah Lee

Doah Lee is the leader and singer-songwriter of Ocean Beach band Doah’s Daydream.
(Calitrippin / Courtesy of Doah Lee)

Ten Questions is a series in the Point Loma-OB Monthly that shines a spotlight on notable locals we wish we knew more about. This month’s featured personality is Doah Lee.

Doah Lee, leader and singer-songwriter of Ocean Beach rock, pop, soul and reggae band Doah’s Daydream, moved to OB nine years ago from Honolulu, where she grew up.

“I got my first apartment on Abbott [Street] and got my first job at Wonderland as a server when it first opened,” she said. “I started taking music seriously about three years ago. I was working as a sales rep for a medical device company then, working 13-hour days, just so depressed and unhappy. I was searching for my purpose and the real meaning of my life. I decided to pursue music and not let my life pass me by.”

She started going to open-mic nights hosted by Jefferson Jay at Winstons in Ocean Beach and busking on Newport Avenue. Now her four-member band has released five singles, with five more in the works for release this year, plus two music videos on YouTube.

“We have played at the OB Street Fair and OB Oktoberfest after-party,” she said. “We are playing at the St. Patrick’s block party in OB on March 19. We have a tour scheduled for this year and we are so excited to keep the momentum building!”

She said she also is “big on bringing people together. I led the OB Paddle for Peace event, a big paddle-out in 2020 shortly after George Floyd’s passing. It was such an emotional time for all of us and it was an honor to be able to create an opportunity to come together as a community.”

She said Doah’s Daydream was recently endorsed by Skrewball Whiskey, “and we will be taking OB with us wherever the music and our hearts take us!”

Q. What attracted you to the Point Loma-Ocean Beach area as a place to live?

A. OB was the very first town I visited in San Diego. I absolutely fell in love with this area because of the laid-back beach surf lifestyle and the small, tight community feel. I loved how everyone is so accepting, loving and nonjudgmental. So much music and arts flowing in the community and all the very unique small businesses and restaurants that this town has to offer is special!

Q. What are your favorite places to go in Point Loma and Ocean Beach?

A. There are so many! This might be the toughest question yet! I am a frequent visitor to the cliffs, OB Pier, Rock and Roll San Diego and just cruising around Newport Avenue. When it comes to grub, I sure do love OB Noodle House (sizzling fish is where it’s at!) and It’s Raw Poke Shop (authentic Hawaiian poke). Point Loma Seafoods and their smoked fish sandwich and homemade tartar sauce. And Cesarina (best Italian in San Diego)!

Q. If you could snap your fingers and have it done, what might you add to improve Point Loma or Ocean Beach?

A. Take all the trash and dog poop out of our community and add weekly power-wash service on Newport Avenue and all the side streets that run along it.

Q. Who or what inspires you?

A. Hate and love are the most powerful emotions that we as humans can feel and experience. Whether it’s hate or love that I feel, I turn them into big inspirations and that gives me reasons to do what I do — to spread the message of love.

Q. If you hosted a dinner party for five, who (living or deceased) would you invite?

A. My grandma and grandpa and my dad, Aretha Franklin and Miles [Doughty] from [Ocean Beach-based band] Slighty Stoopid.

Q. Tell us about what you are currently reading or watching on TV.

A. I am currently not reading or watching anything on TV, but I am listening to an audiobook titled “The Power of Now.”

Q. What would be your dream vacation?

A. Going to Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Q. What are your five favorite movies of all time? Or if you prefer, what are your five favorite apps?

A. I will go with five apps I use the most: Canva, Lyft, Guitar Tuna, Spotify and Instagram.

Q. What is your most prized possession?

A. That’s a tough one! I say none because I don’t have attachments to material things.

Q. What is your motto or philosophy of life?

• Hate breeds more hate, but love conquers all.
• Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle.

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