La Jolla Playhouse announces 12 more shows for Without Walls Festival at Liberty Station

Dominique Salerno will play 30 characters in "The Box Show," scheduled for the Without Walls Festival at Liberty Station.
New York actor Dominique Salerno will play 30 characters inside a box in “The Box Show,” which is scheduled for the Without Walls Festival at Liberty Station in April.
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La Jolla Playhouse unveiled a dozen more shows that will be featured in its annual Without Walls Festival from April 21-24 at the Arts District at Liberty Station in Point Loma.

In January, the playhouse announced the first nine shows. To see the full lineup, visit

Here are the latest additions:

“40 Watts from Nowhere” from Mister and Mischief, Los Angeles: Audience members enter a DJ booth where they can play music and share their voices in an experiential live documentary on the true story of magazine editor turned radio pirate Sue Carpenter, who created an illegal radio station for musical misfits in the closet of her home in the L.A. community of Silver Lake.

“The Box Show” from Dominique Salerno, New York: Salerno plays 30 characters from inside a small box, ranging from a drunken couple in Las Vegas to a lonely giantess, a lost pope and the entire Greek army.

"C’est pas là, c’est par là (It’s not here, it’s over here)," from France's Galmae theater
“C’est pas là, c’est par là (It’s not here, it’s over here),” from France’s Galmae theater company, will be featured at La Jolla Playhouse’s 2022 Without Walls Festival.
(Courtesy of La Jolla Playhouse)

C’est pas là, c’est par là (It’s not here, it’s over here)” from Galmae, France: This ensemble piece involves a large, tangled web of yarn that people create, move through and disentangle. It represents how humans move when they’re alone or in a crowd and how they find their space.

“Finding Avi” from Katherine Wilkinson and Elizagrace Madrone, New York: This interactive audio walking tour is geared for young queer audiences. Structured around a familiar Western fairy tale, audience members can make nonbinary decisions and explore the possibility that quests and stories don’t have neat and simple endings.

“The Four Seasons” from San Diego Ballet: This walk-though performance will feature dancers performing outdoors to Vivaldi’s famous violin concerto with four movements themed to the seasons.

“In Lieu of FLWRZ” from Soulkiss Theater, San Diego: This multisite performance highlights theater, dance and the music of San Diego-based R&B, soul and hip-hop artists. It’s about the collapse of a queer couple’s relationship due to an act of infidelity.

“Just a Phase” from Malashock Dance, San Diego: Eight dancers will present 10 short contemporary pieces representing phases in everyone’s lives, including childhood, adolescence, independence, relationships and community.

The Music Sounds Different to Me Now” from Bill Wright, San Diego: This dance and music piece will feature “Jody” throwing her annual party for her gang of singer-dancer friends, who will tap into stories from their lives, both funny and poignant.

The Mystery of Secrets” from San Diego Dance Theatre: Four choreographers will create mysterious and improvisational dance pieces at sites around the Arts District. Besides SDDT dancers, there will be community dancers and performers from Flamenco Sur.

“Somnium” from The Rosin Box Project, San Diego: This new ballet centered around and on the architecture of Liberty Station will combine dance, projection mapping and music to create an immersive, multisensory experience.

“A Thousand Ways (Part 3): An Assembly” from 600 Highwaymen, New York: This is the final piece of an interactive, three-part theater project the playhouse began in February 2021 as a way to create community among strangers during the pandemic. The finale will bring together past participants in groups of 12 to form structures using notecards as an audience watches.

“TransMythical” from Animal Cracker Conspiracy, San Diego: This 30-minute process through the Arts District will feature giant puppets, masked characters and musicians.

The previously announced shows are “Ants” from Polyglot Theatre, Australia; “Ascension” from San Diego Opera; “Black Séance” from Blindspot Collective, San Diego; “La Bulle” from CORPUS, Canada; “The Frontera Project” from Tijuana Hace Teatro, Mexico, and New Feet Productions, New York; “Lessons in Temperament” from Outside the March, Canada; “Monuments” from Craig Walsh, Australia; “On Her Shoulders We Stand” from TuYo Theatre, San Diego; and a theater project featuring 33 visual and performing arts students, as well as the playhouse’s 2022 Performance Outreach Program Tour show “Hoopla!”


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