10 Questions with The Arc of San Diego chapter representative Lupita Ruiz de Chavez of Ocean Beach

Lupita Ruiz de Chavez
(The Arc of San Diego)

Ten Questions is a series in the Point Loma-OB Monthly that shines a spotlight on notable locals we wish we knew more about. This month’s featured personality is Ocean Beach resident Lupita Ruiz de Chavez, The Arc of San Diego’s South Bay Chapter board representative. The Arc of San Diego is a regional service provider for children and adults with disabilities.

Here is Ruiz de Chavez’s bio of herself:

“I was born at Coronado Hospital to a Mexican businessman father and homemaker mom, the fifth child of six. A year later, my little sister was born with Down syndrome, and our parents doted on and cared for her, showing us — at a time when words like ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ were not commonly used — how valuable every life is, despite our differences.

“I lived and attended private schools in Tijuana, then, after graduating from high school, moved to San Diego. After graduating from management/fashion merchandising college, I was hired under The Limited’s management program for their newest division, Limited Express, then was recruited into several management programs with several industry leaders, including Price Club in 1992. I worked in several leadership positions, including a role in the U.S. support team to open Price Club/Costco Mexico and oversee the health, safety and environmental programs for the Southwest division that included eight states and Mexico.

“I took early retirement in 2016 to take care of my mom, who passed away in 2017, and sister, who passed last year. I continue to enjoy traveling and have visited many places in the U.S. and abroad for business and leisure. I love music — most genres, but especially ‘60s jazz/bossa nova.”

Now on to the 10 Questions:

Q. What attracted you to the Point Loma-Ocean Beach area as a place to live?

A. The beautiful ambiance ... the ocean view, the people and the success of maintaining the small-town culture.

Q. What are your favorite places to go in Point Loma and Ocean Beach?

A. In OB it is the ocean. There are so many beautiful spots, from Dog Beach to Sunset Cliffs. In Point Loma, some of my favorite places are Liberty Station and Shelter Island, where I enjoy the great restaurants and taking walks.

Q. If you could snap your fingers and have it done, what might you add to improve Point Loma or Ocean Beach?

A. Get the OB Pier back to prime condition and be able to host Fourth of July fireworks again.

Q. Who or what inspires you?

A. People who show up every day, whether it’s for their job, volunteer work or at home and are striving to make a difference.

Q. If you hosted a dinner party for five, who (living or deceased) would you invite?

A. The first two would have to be my parents. I miss their wisdom but also their great sense of humor. I would also include Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trevor Noah and Leonardo da Vinci.

Q. Tell us about what you are currently reading or watching on TV.

A. Watching “Downton Abbey” and reading “Principles” by Ray Dalio.

Q. What would be your dream vacation?

A. A road trip in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.

Q. What are your five favorite movies of all time? Or if you prefer, what are your five favorite apps?

A. Difficult to choose … “Jane Eyre” (1943 version), “The Sea Inside,” “On the Waterfront,” most musicals from the 1930s, “Wild Mountain Thyme.”

Q. What is your most prized possession?

A. My friends and family.

Q. What is your motto or philosophy of life?

A. Change is inevitable, growth is optional.

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