Meet OB Woman’s Club president Faren Shear

Faren Shear inside the OB Woman’s Club, Jan. 14.
(Savanah Duffy)

Where did you grow up?

Los Altos. I went to high school in Cupertino (the same one Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs met at!)

How did you come to join the Ocean Beach Woman’s Club?

I have been involved in running the Artist’s Alley part of the OB Street Fair for years and worked in OB since 1991, and I was really just looking to meet some new people who shared my love of Ocean Beach.

Are you married? Got kids? Got grandkids?

No, no and nooooooooo! lol. I have a boyfriend of 20-plus years, and two cats and a bunny.

What do you want women to know about the benefits of joining the Woman’s Club?

We are a growing club, even as we come up upon our 100th birthday. There’s so many opportunities to get involved with our growth and future. It’s a great place to work on strengthening your skills if you are new to community involvement. And if you just want to hang out, there are ways to do that, too. I think more than half our members would consider themselves shy or introverted (including me!), so joining a group like this is a nice way to find some common purpose to bond over.

How does one become a member?

Come to a meeting! The next one is Tuesday, Feb. 11. We like people to spend a minute with us before they join. After that, it’s $60 to be a Supporting Member, which means we ask you to help with our various events and our annual fundraiser. We also have a Sustaining Level at $120, for those who don’t think they can give time to club activities.

If you could wave a magic wand and make a wish for OB Woman’s Club come true, that wish would be?

I wish more people knew about us! Tons of OB residents have voted in our building — or noticed some of the people who rent our space regularly — but almost daily someone says: “I always wondered what this place was!” I wish all the time for a dozen new people to come to our meetings so they can decide if it feels like something they want to be part of.

Does the Woman’s Club have any goals for the new year?

We are having our annual fundraiser, the OBecian Luau, 6-10 p.m. Saturday, May 16, which we just moved from fall to this new spring date. We are raising money for 17 local community organizations. The hope is the spring date works well for more people, and we would love to raise more than the $14,000 we did last year, but to do that we need lots of great prizes to auction off and everyone in town to come! Tickets are $35 via our website.

What is your favorite thing about Ocean Beach life?

Like I said, I have worked in OB since 1991. I love that as the landscape changes, so many people remain constant. I love that this will be my 21st year on the OB Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off committee, and I am by far not the longest-serving member. I love seeing so many familiar faces when I walk around town.

Do you have a favorite spot for relaxing in OB?

I am so bad at relaxing I think it’s been years since I did that intentionally, ha! I don’t really eat out or even drink out! I love to take a walk when I can, but my secret favorite thing is I like walking in the alleys because they are quieter than the streets.

How would you spend a $5,000 gift to the OB Woman’s Club — no strings attached?

We need new exterior paint so, so badly. It’s very expensive to care for an old building like ours. I am beyond thankful we have several past presidents and other dedicated members who keep on top of all the maintenance things and keep the building in great condition. Every few years something substantial comes up and right now this is a biggie!


Want to know more?

• Ocean Beach Woman’s Club was established in 1924 with the following pledge: “We, the women of the Ocean Beach Woman’s Club, will honor each other with friendship, community, fun and philanthropy in the spirit of sisterhood today and always.”

• “Headquarters” is at 2160 Bacon St. (619) 222-1008.

• Meetings start at 5:30 p.m. second Tuesdays.

• In addition to volunteering at community events, members may participate in the club’s book discussions, sewing and craft nights, clothing exchanges and special events.


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